When You're Loving Peoria Winter

1/21/2020 9:11 AM
Peoria winter fun

Winter can be a perfect excuse to snuggle inside behind a toasty fire and catch up on our favorite shows with a big bowl of popcorn and our loved ones….


We can enjoy the many unique things that the Peoria Area has to offer! Every Winter it seems to get tougher and tougher to find new things to get out and do. Events for the family, events with our besties, or even just a night out flying solo. Here are a few things you can keep in mind when enjoying the entertainment amenities and finding what to do in Peoria during Winter.


 Peoria Rivermen Hockey

When looking for something fun to do in Peoria this winter, is an exciting place to exercise your thirst for sporting events. Whether you are a spectator, a seasonal player, or are looking at becoming pro, this is the city for you to explore your potential! 

 1. With the Peoria Rivermen Hockey approaching their fortieth birthday, they are always an all-time favorite event to root for here in their hometown. Smashing through the SPHL (Southern Professional Hockey League) earning the Coffey Trophy four of the last five years, we look forward to another amazing year again here in 2020! Find a game more here at Rivermen.net

2. In Late January, the Adult Kickball Leaguekicks off at the Louisville Slugger Sports Complex! What is better than revisiting the good-ol-days of playing kickball in the parking lot? PLAYING IN THE SLUGGER DOME! There are no walks in this league so get out your best kicking foot and be ready for a bunt-free and action-packed series of games! Also available are the White Claw Softball also in late January and the Adult soccer league beginning in mid-December. You can attend as a spectator or sign up for the team here.

3. Also, at the Louisville Slugger Sports Complex is Soccer Shots Free Fun Day in late January, the Presidents Day Duel(softball) on February 14th, and the Evoshield Evolution(softball) in late Feb along with other great events. If none of those sporting events get your blood warmed up this winter, check with the Peoria Civic Centerfor events such as Bradley BravesMens Basketball, Peoria Rivermen home games, Monster Jam world-class monster trucks and other great upcoming events!


Peoria Riverfront Museum 

If sports aren’t what you’re looking for, Peoria also offers family events such as concerts, musicals, stage shows, 3D viewings, keynotes and much more!

1. Tribute concerts are always an amazing way to enjoy the days of old and bring in nostalgia to the family and circles of friends. There are often world-class tribute bands performing at local scenes from smaller venues to the Peoria Civic Centerdepending on what you are looking for. From The Fab Four (Beatles), Get the Led Out (Led Zeppelin), and One night of Queen (Queen), all the way to Killer of Giants (Ozzy Ozbourne), Blackened (Metallica) and Cemetery Gatez (Pantera), these bands all aim to please and deliver with all of the power and excitement of the original bands. 

2. If the real deal is what you’re looking for in your concert going experience, look no further than the yearly lineups that Peoria has to offer. Some of the biggest names in music come to this area to give their best shows and give you something to never forget. No music genre is off limits around here and with the multiple venues of all sizes including Peoria Civic Center,Twisted Spoke,and Crusens, you are sure to find exactly what you want out of your music experience. Masterful stage sound and lighting is provided by these venues making them a must for wetting your musical taste buds.

3. When you’re looking for something to do with the younger kiddos and want to really make some great memories, some of the must-see events land in the realm of musicals and television stage recreations of our favorite classics. The Peoria Civic Centerhas always planned well ahead for groups of all ages and they show no sign of stopping. Historical shows such as Sesame Street, Baby Shark, and Dora the Explorer have entertained our youngsters for years. Every winter these shows prove to provide the live entertainment that keeps our children’s imagination bright and well-nourished. On a smaller scale, we’ve also come to love the more affordable stops with the little ones by making events out of places such as Monkey Joe’s, which is a fantastic place to let our little monkeys climb, jump, bounce, and just burn energy! Figure skating is another perfect and possibly unique way to spend a fun filled afternoon playing at the Owens Center. Dress comfortable but warm and you’ll be sure to have plenty to talk about at supper! For some educational fun, take the family to the Peoria Riverfront Museumand Dome Planetarium! Using the newest in technology, the Zeiss Powerdome Planetarium System takes you on a real-time trip around the Universe teaching even the most challenging minds. Comfortable seating, food and drinks available


Peoria Apollo Fine Arts & Entertainment Centre 

For a great night out with friends, look no further than some of the best in entertainment in the local venues from a few hours of bowling, to a belly busting night of laughter or enjoying a great movie. These are some of our local favorite places to spend time with friends.

1. The JukeBox Comedy Clubis where you’ll find world renowned comedians stopping in during their tours to bring you the best and brightest in talent. Nothing short of brilliance is allowed on the roster of this fantastic club which is celebrating 30 years of success! Take a friend, bring your family, schedule a time with presale tickets or just stop in. There are a few great comedy clubs in the area but this one will never disappoint.

2. If games and bowling fun is what you’re seeking, there are plenty of great places to stop in the area. A great place to enjoy some of the best classic games for an affordable price is the 8 Bit Arcade. Every game is a classic and at the prices you remember. Private parties are also available to those looking for their own more personal experience. In addition to the 8 Bit Arcade, Round1 Bowling and Amusementis a very nice place set for friends gathering, Landmark Recreation Bowling Centerhas awesome night-time bowling, and there are several more venues that will cater to a great afternoon or night of entertaining fun. 

3. No matter where you are in Peoria, there is a great movie theater nearby and each boast their own unique stopping point advantages. GQT Willow Knolls 14offers a unique ‘$6 tickets on Tuesday’ deal that helps them stand out from other theaters. That’s quite a percentage off that will add up quickly when taking the whole family or a large group of friends! Take advantage of the Student ID discounts and an IMAX screen at AMC CLASSIC Grand Prairie 18. Larger screen, top quality sound enhancement, delicious buttery popcorn, mmmmmmm…. Another great place for the full movie experience isLandmark Recreational Center. You won’t go hungry in the middle of a movie around here! Stock up on snacks during the movie and afterward slid into the Bullpen Bar & Grill for a little lunch or supper. For the ultimate in immersive experiences, visit the most unique theater in Peoria, the Riverfront Museum Giant Screen Theater! See the newest in cinema action as well as the greatest classics ever to be put on film all in one place. Film festivals, documentaries, classics and blockbusters can all be enjoyed to the fullest in this very unique theater. Last but not least, right on Main Street sits what is possibly the most beautiful theater in Peoria, The Apollo Fine Arts & Entertainment Centre. This historic Art Nouveau style theater seats over 800 viewers and is designed to show not only screen foreign, classic and independent movies, but is a perfect venue to enjoy performance art as well. A wonderful place to find yourself in Peoria and certainly something to put on your checklist of fine landmarks of Illinois.


Peoria Winter Festival of Lights 

While patiently waiting for spring to swing back around our way, winter is going nowhere soon. Don’t think that means you are limited to the fun you, your family, and your friends can have during the brisk months ahead. Get out and explore something new! Make memories with your children that don’t involve endless hours of mind-numbing video games and long stay-at-home weekends burning no energy or brain power. Enjoy what the city has to offer and be a part of your community efforts to entertain and enjoy some of the finer things Peoria has to offer! Remember, throughout the entire year Peoria is built to ENTERTAIN!

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